bat removal Orlando

bat removal Orlando

Bat infestation is a common problem in Florida. Unsurprisingly, this means that there are multiple companies offering bat removal in Orlando and in other cities across the state. While some of these companies provide adequate services, many of them are ill-equipped or downright unwilling to give their customers high-quality treatment. The only way you can be sure you’re going to get the best Orlando, FL bat control is by going to the foremost bat control company in the city. That company is Affordable Wildlife Removal.

We have long been the top animal control company in Orlando, and for good reason. As you will find out below, we offer a level of skill and expertise that simply cannot be matched by our competitors.

Here’s why you should come to us when you need a bat removal company in Orlando.

Humane Trapping

It is our mission to provide the most humane pest control in Orlando. For this reason, we refuse to use harmful traps or poison when capturing pests. Each member of our team has been specially trained to capture bats, raccoons, and all other pests we deal with in the most humane manner possible. Captured pests are then responsibly relocated to their natural habitat, suffering no harm in the process.

Attic Restoration

Pests can cause significant harm to attics and basements. This is particularly true in the case of bats, who spend the majority of their time in the attic of any home they take over. When bats are removed, they generally leave behind droppings, hair, and noticeable damage to their former home. That’s why we provide attic restoration in conjunction with our pest control in Orlando. Once we have rid your home of bats, we will undo all damage they caused during the infestation, thus returning your attic to pristine condition.

Carcass Removal

If you have been struggling with a bat infestation for an extended period of time, the likelihood is that there are some deceased bats in your attic. If this is indeed the case, our team will provide carcass removal along with the extraction of the living pests. Deceased bats will be responsibly disposed of and the areas they were found in will be thoroughly disinfected by our hygiene specialists.

Wildlife Exclusion

Many providers of bat removal in Orlando only deal with current infestations. At Affordable Wildlife Removal, however, we aim to prevent future pest problems for all of our clients. We do this through the innovative process of wildlife exclusion. Once our second-to-none pest control experts have removed the bats from your home, they will search the property for holes, cracks, and any other potential points of entry. These entrances are subsequently sealed, preventing bats and other pests from coming inside your home in the future.


As our name suggests, we are one of the most affordable providers of bat removal in Orlando. Our services can be secured for a fraction of the cost of our competitors, despite the unsurpassed expertise of our team. We’ll even provide a free inspection if you suspect you may be experiencing a bat infestation in your home.

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bat removal Orlando

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