bed bug exterminators Cleveland Ohio

Hire experienced bed bug exterminators in Cleveland, Ohio from Lakewood Exterminating for exceptional results in a short time-frame. We know you want bed bugs gone now- and you don’t want them coming back. One call to our hotline at 216-510-9315 and we’ll be on our way with a reliable resolution to the problem. If you’ve seen bed bugs in your home or business, or suspect their presence, contact us immediately before a small issue turns into an infestation that is more difficult to overcome. Our exterminators in Cleveland, OH will get to the heart of your pest problem.

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The first step in getting rid of bed bugs is to positively identify the pests to ensure we are using the right treatment. Our technicians will come out and make a positive ID, then discuss our findings with you. Depending on the severity of the situation, we can recommend one of several treatment options. If you’ve tried other methods of getting rid of bed bugs without success, don’t panic- we can remove all traces of adult bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs.

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You may think that over-the-counter pest control solutions are the better value since products from the store cost less than professional treatment, but that’s not the case. The problem with store-bought products is that they aren’t very effective in eradicating bugs. Even after multiple applications, bugs may still come back because OTC pest products typically only kill bugs on contact- not bugs you can’t see.

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When it comes to most pests, the only way to stop the reproduction cycle is to get to the nest and stop insects and rodents at their source. With other types of pests, it’s a matter of killing them at the egg stage. The best pest exterminators in Cleveland have many solutions to choose from in our arsenal- treatments that work the first time they’re applied, so we don’t have to come back for a second round of treatments. With bed bugs, it’s essential that the remedy you use takes care of the problem quickly- otherwise, you’re in for a more drastic resolution. DIY products won’t do- you need to hire professional bed bug exterminators in Cleveland, Ohio.

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At Lakewood Exterminating, we’ve designed a process that ensures bed bugs are gone for good- it involves addressing the problem from all angles. Through dust applications that get into cracks and crevices, liquid residual sprays that are safe to use in your home, and ActiveGuard liners that fit under box springs, we’re able to quickly and effectively kill bed bugs in all stages of activity, including eggs.

Contact our pest techs at Lakewood Exterminating when you need to speak with the best bed bug exterminators in Cleveland, Ohio; we’ll schedule an inspection of your building and provide a quote for services when you need a permanent solution to any pest problem. Effective pest control doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

bed bug exterminators Cleveland Ohio

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