Custom fulfillment

Custom fulfillment

Delivery times are everything. The demand for speed is now unignorable since Amazon introduced custom fulfillment in the 2010s. With people getting products as soon as the next day, companies like WSA distributing became a vital part of the supply chain.

How fast do people receive packages?

People want their products yesterday. The ability to place orders on specialized platforms like Amazon prime shifted customer expectations of delivery times. Nearly half, 42%, of online shoppers receive packages within 2 to 3 days with nearly 5% waiting only one day.

The standard 5 to 7-day delivery no longer works. With seventy-three percent of customers expecting customer service to improve year over year, companies need to improve logistics chains or risk losing customers.

What is custom order fulfillment?

Custom order fulfillers give businesses the power to satisfy requests without needing to ship long distances. The fulfillment partner stores your goods at their warehouses which are closer to customers. When orders come in, the partnerships the product.

Predicting the quantity of goods flowing from different regions allows you to meet the demands of customers. A large fulfillment partner can cover for shortages through their network as well. A small delay is more acceptable than a week.

Finding the Right Fulfillment Partner

The right partner has warehouses across your area, an efficient supply chain, and connects to every channel. Efficient fulfillment starts at your online or physical store and ends at the door.

Good logistics and effective technology make a major difference. WSA integrates with your software to create a seamless process. Unique scaled inventory storage allows us to get packages to customers on time with a high degree of accuracy.


Fulfillment partners can fill another role. Packaging and personalization help brand your business. Customers expect you to be professional.

Stand out from competitors with branded packaging, printed logos, and the ability to handle customer requests. Create an experience instead of simply delivering a package.

Do order fulfillers handle reverse logistics?

A good fulfiller can perform triage. Packages can be damaged, customers change their minds, and defects happen.

WSA create peace of mind by managing returns for customers. Re-kit and re-work orders as needed to maintain customer satisfaction. We deal with warranty processing and DOA as well.

Scaled Logistics

While fulfiller flexibly meet demand, we also help cut costs. We are the cloud of the logistics industry, promising scale, security, and a pay-as-you go platform.

Save money by paying only for what you use across North America. Gain access to a fully managed working process without the cost of creating warehouses from the ground up.

Where can I find a custom fulfillment center near me?

Custom fulfillment means working with the client, being fast, maintaining accuracy, and providing a working return process. WSA offers fully managed and efficient logistics in a pay-as-you-go platform.

We are ready to serve your needs. Visit our website and get in touch with us today to start implementing your own supply chain.

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