safe mosquito control North Reading MA

Eco Mosquito is the pest control company that more and more property owners are trusting for effective and safe mosquito control in North Reading, MA. With some of the best organic pest control products, techniques, and minds in the industry; Eco Mosquito is dedicated to mosquito control solutions that are safe for our environment, ourselves, our families, our pets, and the wildlife we share our homes and establishments with.

If we could describe our mosquito control techniques in a single word, it would be 'proactive.' To begin with, we don't let the mosquitoes hatch. Regardless of which kind of mosquito control strategy you employ, you must prevent the larva from turning into adults if your strategy is to work! This means getting rid of any standing water first and foremost. Sadly, this includes your beloved birdbath and fountain.

Another step of effective and safe mosquito control is eliminating standing water, which is where mosquitoes breed. Take notice of any spots on your property that tend to hold water for a long time after heavy rain. You may need to take steps to increase the drainage including improving the soil or digging up the existing soil to make sure the water can run down adequately.

How Does Mosquito Control Work?

There are a couple of areas we will likely automatically want to spray on your property – these include the parameters of your property and any standing water spots that we can't easily get rid of. We'll coat the parameter vegetation of your property with a safe and organic mosquito control solution. For your property's standing water; this is where we will spray the all-natural larvacide to prevent the mosquito larva from ever turning into adults.

Additionally, we may also use baits and traps to catch your mosquitoes. By using Tiki Torches and other at-home, DIY products, you can increase the rate at which the mosquitoes die off and go away. Plus, Eco Mosquito will come back to your property and spray again at no additional cost to you if the mosquitoes aren't dying off within two weeks from the time of the first treatment.

Why You Should Get Safe Mosquito Control in North Reading, MA

It is no secret that mosquitoes are a major nuisance and can keep you from venturing outside. They can cause you to minimize the amount of time you spend in your yard during the warm months. Not only are these bloodsuckers annoying, but they can also make you sick. In some cases, mosquitoes transmit deadly viruses. It is important to take a proactive approach to mosquito control, and we suggest you do!

Contact Eco Mosquito today if you are interested in safe mosquito control in North Reading, MA. We can help you make your property mosquito-free in no time so you can enjoy being outdoors while it's nice outside. Further, Eco Mosquito provides unbeatable prices for both residential and commercial properties. Give us a call today for a property assessment and quote.

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safe mosquito control North Reading MA



safe mosquito control North Reading MA

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